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Let’s Get Primal for a Second

Inspired by Myers-Briggs, Primal Shopper is the discovery of innate motivations guiding our shopping decisions. Think of these motivations like our Shopper DNA. This DNA is predictable and persistent across brands and product categories.

The following video gives a brief overview of the book and how Primal Shopper can be applied to your business.

Schedule Your Free Webinar

As a part of the launch of my book, I am offering a private, virtual session for ten to 50 people … for free!

The goal of the webinar is to show how Primal Shopper’s innovative shopper segmentation inspires ideas to increase market share.

For info on the webinar just click on the button below.

Today’s Topics through a Primal Lens

In the today’s rapid evolving marketplace, it can be a challenge to create effective marketing. Ironically, there is one persistent constant: Shopper DNA.

This podcast looks at today’s marketplace through the lens of Primal Shopper offering solutions to increase increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

The audience for this podcast are marketers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is interested in why we shop the way we do.

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