Primal Shopper Overview

What is Primal Shopper?

The following video is an overview of Primal Shopper and how it can increase your marketing effectiveness.

Primal Shopper Benefits

Primal Shopper increases the effectiveness of your marketing tactics including:

Create Content that Connects

It effects content to make an emotional connection to drive behavior.

Isolate Influential Channels

It isolates influential channels to focus your content to intercept or interrupt a shopper.

Identify Social Themes to Increase Relevancy

It identifies social conversations and themes to increase your brands relevancy.

Focus Promotional Tactics

It helps you design retail promotional tactics to drive sales.

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“A person’s shopper DNA determines whether your marketing tactics will break through or just blend into the retail white noise.” – Eric Bowe, author of Primal Shopper

Inspired by Myers-Briggs, Primal Shopper is based on a discovery of innate motivations guiding our shopping behaviors. Think of these motivations like our Shopper DNA. This DNA is predictable and persistent across brands and product categories.

The book provides the reader with an in-depth understanding of the Shopper DNA in all of us. It reveals how this DNA dictates certain marketing tactics to convert a shopper. Ultimately, the book is a guide to how to use the Shopper DNA to impact content, channel selection, social, and retail tactics.