Unlocking Shopper DNA to Power Your Marketing

Hello, my name is Eric Bowe and welcome to Primal Shopper.

Keeping up with marketing today can be challenging.  It’s easy to get lost in the retail landscape with the rapid evolution of media habits, the paralysis of big data, and the persistent stream of marketing trends. Yep, not easy to keep up, however, instead of looking out, my approach is to look inside. I look deep into the shopper to understand what make them tick. If you look deep enough you’ll find something special: Shopper DNA.

This Shopper DNA is persistent from shopper to shopper and from product category to product category.  By mining this Shopper DNA, you can increase effectiveness, and that is what this site is about. There is plenty of content to dive into and I plan to on an on-going basis through a regular podcast.

I included an Primal Shopper Overview on the site. It covers the three core Shopper DNA (Wallet, Time, Brand) and the eight typologies derived from DNA  combinations.

What is your shopper DNA?

The Primal Survey is key component to developing insights for the content on this site. So far, I have run over a dozen surveys in a wide array of categories including hotels, restaurants, mobile phones, grocery, dog food, and coffee brewed at home.  The core of the survey is a series of questions to determine a shopper’s DNA. This part of the Primal survey is available on the site through “What is your Shopper DNA?“.

Please feel free to download the survey and take it. Also, feel free to incorporate it into your marketing research. It will add a motivational layer to your current shopper research, and help you understand the retail impact on shopper’s decisions.

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