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The nature of shopping seems very random – like shopper journeys intertwined in a retail chaos. The reality is our shopping behaviors are quite orderly, consistent, and predictable.  Shoppers have innate motivations driving their decision making – think of it like a Shopper DNA.

The following is a brief overview of the Primal Shopper DNA and typologies.  For a more in-depth perspective, download the Primal Shopper Guide.

Also, if you would like to take a Primal Survey to find out your Shopper DNA in one of four categories go to What is your Shopper DNA?

Our Shopper DNA

Let’s begin with an overview of our shopper DNA.  Shopper motivations are the internal inertia that guide our retail behaviors. Think of it like our Shopper DNA. There are core DNA strands:  Brand, Wallet, and Time.  Each strand is divided into two equally important groups.

Primal Typologies

Our overall shopping motivation is defined by combining the three DNA strands together creating a distinct typology.  The tension between DNA strands creates an acute retail motivation. For example, if you combine Brand: Free Agent, Wallet: Deal Seeker and Time: Mission you get the typology Deal Surgeon.  Think of the Deal Surgeon as a Black Friday shopper. Worth noting is our Primal typology may shift between product categories.

There is tension between the three DNA strands (i.e., Brand, Wallet, and Time).   This tension provides us revealing insights into a shopper’s true motivations. The following is a list of the eight typologies with a brief description.


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