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I am excited to announce the release of my first book called Primal Shopper in early in 2019. Primal Shopper challenges the reader to rethink what drives marketing success. Let’s face it, marketing is often over emphasizes the latest trend, channel, or generation (hello Gen Z!). We often lose site of focusing what is most important: the shopper.

At the core of the book is a radical discovery of shopper motivations that drive our purchase decisions. Think of these motivations like our Shopper DNA. This DNA is consistent from shopper to shopper and across product categories. The different DNA combinations form eight typologies. Each typology has acute shopping behaviors that impact the effectiveness of marketing on the shopper.  For an overview of the Shopper DNA go to Primal Shopper Overview.

The research discovery is intriguing, but the retail impact of this DNA can’t be underestimated. The fundamentals of marketing are simple – grow market share.  To do this, you have two choices either take market share from the competition or grow the overall category. However, there is a hidden truth within this: you can’t grow market share without growing your motivational share.  Where market share is about the relationship between customer and brand or product, the motivational share is about how people purchase the product.  The retail impact of how we shop can make or break a sale, and ultimately impact market share.

Increasing the motivational share begins with the nuances behind our shopping, understanding “why” we shop the way we do. I examine eighteen different shopper principles guiding our shopping behaviors from the psychology of the deal to social triangles influencing our decisions to a love it or hate it aversion to the retail environment.

Our shopper DNA acts like a marketing filter.  Some DNA is like Kryptonite rendering marketing ineffective.  I dedicate a  section of the book to cover this topic. Marketing should align with the inner flow of the shopper and redirect them to purchase. Ironically, many marketers use tactics that work against this flow. So instead of nudging them toward purchase, their marketing goes against the flow. Their marketing is not only working for them, it could be working against them.

The book culminates in how to unlock the Shopper DNA to power your marketing.  This is the activation of the shopper DNA and principles to guide your marketing. Activation is thinking shopper first when creating brand content, experiences, and your channel tactics. The DNA will supercharge your marketing by creating emotive connections based on the shopper’s motivations and influencing their decisions throughout their shopper journey.

I am currently in the final stages of publishing, and as the launch draw nearer, I will keep people updated through this site and through my podcast.

al Shopper Book

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