Primal Shopper Podcast

  • Ep 18: COVID Shopping: Is this the Dark Ages or a Renaissance for shopper behaviors?
    There is no doubt COVID has impacted our shopping. There are different factors are affecting the way we shop from businesses being closed to lockdowns to self-quarantine due to health risks. Regardless of the reason, many shoppers are forced to try different channels and retailers to get what they need….
  • Ep 17: How the mind of Gen Z is key to unlocking success in today’s Scrollable Economy
    Gen Z is barraged with 10,000 pieces of information every day. The deluge of information causes a Poverty of Attention and they have little patience for irrelevant information. In their world, information and ads are one second away getting swiped. This is the scrollable economy. This is bigger than Gen…
  • Ep 16: Three Questions defining the 2019 Holiday Shopper
    We are in the midst of the holiday shopping season. To celebrate the holiday shopping season, I thought I would do a reprise of last year’s holiday episode (Fight, Flight or Buy. The impact of the Holiday Retail Season on your Shopper DNA) mashed up with several questions I found…
  • Ep 15: Amazon versus Walmart: The Billion Dollar Grocery Throwdown
    Amazon versus Walmart. They seem to always be in the news. Recently, Walmart announces an unlimited grocery delivery offer for an annual fee. Amazon waves their delivery fee, and now it is free for Prime Members. Walmart announces they will deliver not only to home, but also the final fifteen…
  • Ep 14: A Twist on Marketing Planning: Reverse ROI meets the Dark Side of the Moon
    It’s that time of year as many marketers set budgets for 2020. While there are different ways to set your marketing budget, I want to offer up a bit of a twist. Sort of a provocative approach based on three factors: primal habit, marketing investment, and target contribution to revenue….
  • Ep 13: The Theory of Innumeracy: How a Math Challenged America affects your Pricing Strategy
    In America many people are math challenged. Math doesn’t come easy, and complicated math is even more challenging. When I say complicated math, I am not talking algebra or calculus, rather I am referring to applying percents and fractions. This is the theory of innumeracy. Innumeracy is to numbers as…
  • Ep 12: Eco-Shopping: Why do we want to be green, yet fail to shop green?
    Most people have a desire to be green. A desire to recycle. A desire to reduce their carbon footprint. A desire to make the world a better place for future generations. However, most people’s desires fail to manifest itself in consistent behaviors. Especially when it comes to eco-shopping, our continual…
  • Ep11: How we shop Amazon Prime Day
    Amazon’s Prime Day is upon us, again. There is plenty of chatter out there on great deals, how to shop Prime Day, and how other retailers are trying to take advantage of Amazon’s big day, but very little on how (and who) Prime Day is affecting. The goal of this…
  • Ep10: Branding 2020
    While the approach to branding hasn’t changed since the 70s, the media landscape has exploded with ever expanding channel options, more robust targeting, and all leading to the tsunami of ads the pummel consumers daily. So, is the 1970’s approach still effective today or do we need to rethink how we emotionally connect brands with people?
  • Ep9: Activating the Primal Shopper
    The final episode about the book release focuses on activating the learnings from the book. In the previous podcasts, I discussed the 18 Primal Principles driving shopper behavior and how the effectiveness of marketing tactics are affected by a shopper’s DNA. In this podcast I touch on different ways to…
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