Free Primal Shopper Webinar

I love discussing shopper insights.
So, I am offering a private, virtual session for ten to 50 people … for free, as a part of the launch of my book

The webinar goal is to show how Primal Shopper’s innovative shopper segmentation inspires ideas to increase market share.

This one-hour webinar is a journey from uncovering your shopper DNA to applying Primal Shopper to impact marketing. There are four sections within the session:

  1. Uncover Your Shopper DNA
  2. A Few Primal Stories
  3. The Emotional Attachment
  4. Primal Inspired Ideas

Section I: Uncover Your Shopper DNA

The session begins with an understanding of the different DNA strands and how they are combined into eight different typologies.

In this section, participants will have an opportunity to complete a brief survey to find their Primal Shopper typology in one of four product categories.

Section II: A Few Primal Stories

Its story time!

Each of the eight Primal Typologies have an acute behavior that is predictable and you can market to. I will illustrate these motivations through a series of stories. Each story will highlight core behaviors and marketing tactics to convert a specific shopper typology.

Section III: The Emotional Attachment

Emotion drives our shopping behaviors.

Our shopping is formed by emotions. It is behind our shopper motivations and it can alter our shopper DNA. In this section I explore how emotion alters a person’s shopper DNA .

Section IV: Primal Inspired Ideas

Primal Shopper is about ideas!

Primal Shopper provides insights to drive marketing tactics including content, channel selection, social / WOM, and retail promotions. This approach drove ideas for clients including ALDI, Chevrolet, Bob Evans, and Colonial Williamsburg.

I wrap up the webinar discussing how Primal Shopper inspired specific marketing tactics for different brands.

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