Ep7: Eighteen Primal Principles

Its one thing to predict the weather, its another to change the weather. As marketers, we are not in the business of forecasting, we are in the business of changing shopper behaviors. We need to be rainmakers. To do this, we need to understand the primal nature within shoppers – the constant that controls the effectiveness of our marketing.

This episode is about the Why behind the Shopper DNA. The Why is the constant we need to understand to ensure our marketing is successful. This episode is an overview of the second part of my book where I discuss Eighteen Primal Principles behind our shopper behavior. Each of these principles provides insight into how the different DNA strands. In addition to the DNA, I will talk about social impact on shopping behaviors.

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In this podcast, I will cover the following four shopper principles from the book.

  • Feel the Deal: Why shoppers sometimes react to deals and other times they don’t. The art of the deal involves shopper interpretations of quality and the expected price of a product.
  • Lifestage Eraser: How would it feel we had brand amnesia and had to (re)establish our brand preferences. In life, there are specific moments when we deal with brand amnesia.
  • For the Love of Brick and Mortar: With what seems like the imminent demise of brick and mortar retail, I talk about why some retailers are succeeding and why.
  • Beware of the Brand Governor:  I discuss the three forces affecting shoppers within their purchase journey: customers we know, experts we trust, and the brand governor.

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