Ep6: Identifying the Primal Shopper

This is the first of four podcasts I am doing to as a part of my book release for Primal Shopper.

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This episode (like the first part of the book) is about inspiration, finding the Shopper DNA, and blind alleys. The title of the first part of the book is Identifying the Primal Shopper. In this podcast I will touch on the inspiration behind the discovery of the Shopper DNA and a foundational concept called the Tension Triangle. The tension triangle in business is the proverbial triangle of time, price, and quality. In business the old adage was you can have two of the three, however, in the retail world this triangle takes on a whole different meaning as it related to Shopper DNA.

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From the inspiration beginning, I move on to discuss the process behind finding Shopper DNA. I will share stories about the journey of discovery, as well as discuss the overall approach. As a part of discovery, I talk about nature versus nurture, and whether we are born with our shopping preference or is it a function of environmental conditioning.

I wrap up the podcast with one of my favorite parts of this podcast and discuss the blind alleys – the DNA that was rejected. Sometimes interesting insights comes from hypotheses that don’t work out. I’ll share several stories about rejected DNA strands and what it meant in the final analysis.

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