Ep4: Super Bowl Aftermath: The $5 Million Movement Question

A lot has been written about the likeability Super Bowl commercials often ranking the commercials based on viewer popularity. What hasn’t been discussed is the impact of these ads on business. That’s the subject of this podcast. I will discuss the effectiveness of different commercials based on their ability to move mind:

  • Did the commercial move people to think differently about the brand?
  • Did the commercial move the shopper closer to purchase?
  • Or was the commercial ineffective and just white noise?

In the podcast, I will evaluate Super Bowl commercials based on a Movement Matrix. The matrix evaluates marketing based on whether it moved people attitudinally to think differently about the brand and move shoppers behaviorally or closer to purchase. Optimally, if the commercial does both it would be considered breakthrough and have an impact on business. If the commercial is unable to either, it would be considered white noise.

I conclude the episode by discussing five different ways a commercial/campaign can be breakthrough providing examples for each.

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Show Notes

USA Today Ad Meter 2019 Super Bowl Ads: https://admeter.usatoday.com/results/2019

Walmart Car Ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGrSw7wK4no&t=29s

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