Ep11: How we shop Amazon Prime Day

Amazon’s Prime Day is upon us, again. There is plenty of chatter out there on great deals, how to shop Prime Day, and how other retailers are trying to take advantage of Amazon’s big day, but very little on how (and who) Prime Day is affecting. The goal of this podcast is to look at 5 Why’s behind Prime Day including:

  • How the true Deal Seekers approaches Prime Day.
  • What shopper typologies does it appeal to (and which could care less)
  • A comparison and contrast between Prime Day and Black Friday
  • Prime Day’s impact on the Back to School Shopper
  • Has Prime Day become a ritual yet? If so, for who?

In addition to the 5 Why’s, I will discuss the future of Prime Day based on shopping behaviors and trends from Amazon’s brand actions. Specifically looking at their fight with Google to own the Smart Home and with Walmart to increase the share of the Deal Seekers in the retail marketplace.

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