Ep9: Activating the Primal Shopper

The final episode about the book release focuses on activating the learnings from the book. In the previous podcasts, I discussed the 18 Primal Principles driving shopper behavior and how the effectiveness of marketing tactics are affected by a shopper’s DNA. In this podcast I touch on different ways to activate Primal Shopper.

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I will cover the following four topics about activating the primal shopper in this podcast:

  • The Two Mindsets: Mind share is about moving two different mindsets: attitudinal and behavioral. I kick-off the episode by going through the nuances of each mindset.
  • Passion Platforms: Attitudinal is predicated on creating an emotional connection. As an example of this concept I talk about passion platforms. I created these platforms to connect with travel planners and influence their destination.
  • Decision Optimization: Behavioral movement is about influencing the shopper’s decision path. A shopper’s journey is a series of decisions (or decision path) leading up to purchase. I discuss how to optimize the shopper’s decision path to increase conversion.
  • The Shopper Sandbox: A big part of activating primal shopper means coming up with ideas based on shopper insights. I switch gears with the last topic and focus on the art of brainstorming. Specifically, how to focus brainstorming within agencies to generate ideas that will move your shopper.  

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