Ep 18: COVID Shopping: Is this the Dark Ages or a Renaissance for shopper behaviors?

There is no doubt COVID has impacted our shopping. There are different factors are affecting the way we shop from businesses being closed to lockdowns to self-quarantine due to health risks. Regardless of the reason, many shoppers are forced to try different channels and retailers to get what they need.

For some it may feel like a shopping renaissance because they found new ways to shop, for others it may feel like the dark ages because they are forced to shop outside of their preferred state.

Within grocery there has been a surge in Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) and delivery. Industry experts point to this surge as the future of retail and brands need to adopt or die.

I don’t think it is that simple.

In this podcast, I review at how COVID has impacted each Primal Shopper typology and whether the new shopping behaviors will persist past COVID or if shoppers will revert to their previous behaviors.

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