Ep 17: How the mind of Gen Z is key to unlocking success in today’s Scrollable Economy

Gen Z is barraged with 10,000 pieces of information every day. The deluge of information causes a Poverty of Attention and they have little patience for irrelevant information. In their world, information and ads are one second away getting swiped. This is the scrollable economy. This is bigger than Gen Z. Everyone has control of their information feed and they can swipe it, skip it, or ignore it. The challenge for markers is how do you stop the swipe.

In this podcast, I reveal research on what makes Gen Z’s mind work and why you should care. I will discuss how academics have been dealing with this Poverty of Attention for years, and what they recommend doing. Finally, I will talk about Right Brain marketing and how it is key to stopping the swipe of the Gen Z’er.

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