Ep 16: Three Questions defining the 2019 Holiday Shopper

We are in the midst of the holiday shopping season. To celebrate the holiday shopping season, I thought I would do a reprise of last year’s holiday episode (Fight, Flight or Buy. The impact of the Holiday Retail Season on your Shopper DNA) mashed up with several questions I found interesting for the 2019 shopping season.

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The questions come from several news articles and the holiday marketing barrage. My curiosity was piqued by several articles that sensationalized current marketing trends and made me wonder if it was hype or real. So, for this episode, I combined the holiday mindsets in my book with a few headlines and had some fun with it. In this episode, I discuss the following questions:

  • Are we at a cyber-tipping point for online holiday shopping? It seems like online shopping is dominating the marketing buzz, but is this hype or reality? I look at the current level of online shopping and project how quickly I believe online shopping will grow and why.
  • Are holiday deals, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday just becoming seasonal white noise? This is an interesting shopper-centric topic. We are inundated with massive amounts of ads promising savings on our holiday shopping. However, if everyone is promising a deal, how effective is the marketing during the holiday season. Also, what is the impact if you do not offer a deal.
  • So, is the shortened holiday shopping season affecting the timing of how we shop? Okay, the holiday shopping season between Thanksgiving and Christmas is six days shorter this year. You find articles in the press predicting shop-ageddon because of the reduced time. I discuss the impact (or not) of the shortened time period and which mindsets are affected.

I hope you enjoy the episode.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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