Ep 15: Amazon versus Walmart: The Billion Dollar Grocery Throwdown

Amazon versus Walmart. They seem to always be in the news. Recently, Walmart announces an unlimited grocery delivery offer for an annual fee. Amazon waves their delivery fee, and now it is free for Prime Members. Walmart announces they will deliver not only to home, but also the final fifteen feet to your fridge. Amazon offers 2-hour delivery for Whole Foods. It goes on and on. The two retail behemoths keep trading body blows to achieve the ultimate goal: converting the other’s shoppers.

But how many shoppers are willing switch?

The answer to this question lies within shopper motivations. Based on Amazon and Walmart’s retail offering, they are attracting different types of shoppers. And honestly, it will be difficult to switch some shoppers regardless of a new offering.

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In my latest podcast, I take an in-depth look into this billion-dollar throwdown and the Primal Shopper motivations impacting the two retailers.  An interesting aspect to this retail battle is that it is taking place on multiple fronts: grocery, holiday shopping, electronics, clothing. In this episode, I explore the grocery battle and look at three types of shoppers: Mission Shoppers, Deal Seekers, and Brand Citizen/Journey Shoppers.

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