Ep 12: Eco-Shopping: Why do we want to be green, yet fail to shop green?

Most people have a desire to be green. A desire to recycle. A desire to reduce their carbon footprint. A desire to make the world a better place for future generations. However, most people’s desires fail to manifest itself in consistent behaviors. Especially when it comes to eco-shopping, our continual purchasing of plastic bottles is puzzling considering the global impact they are having on the ecology.

In this podcast I investigate why shoppers have or lack an eco-conscious when shopping. The irony is they want companies or brands to be green and have sustainable strategies, yet most shoppers fail on their part to make the right eco-choices. It is well documented on why people recycle (or don’t), but I am more interested in going beyond that and probe the question of:

Why do people make the eco-decisions that they do (or don’t) in the store?

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The answer to this question is based on our innate desire as it relates to truly being green. I walk through five desires or eco-mindsets as an explanation for how we shop green (see below). I conclude the podcast by discussing what are the ways to truly change our eco-behaviors.

Shopper Eco-Mindsets

Podcast Links:

Planet or Plastics: We Made Plastic. We Depend on It. Now We Are Drowning in It.
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Factors the Impact Consumer Recycling
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Do Bottle Bills Boost Recycling
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Plastic Bags Embarrassing Message
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