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Primal Shopper: The Book

What this book is about is one “shopper truth” worth telling – a primal truth. A primal truth that gets at the core reasons why some shoppers are passionate deal-seekers while others are passionate about their brands. The truth about why some shoppers detest shopping while others can’t stop.

My hope is that this book will convince you to stop and think about your own beliefs about marketing and advertising. If I do that, then I will consider this book a success.

Primal Shopper Guide

The nature of shopping seems very random – like shopper journeys intertwined in a retail chaos. The reality is our shopping behaviors are quite orderly, consistent, and predictable.  Shoppers have innate motivations driving their decision making – think of it like a Shopper DNA. The following is a brief overview of the Primal Shopper DNA…

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