Meet Eric

Let’s face it, we live in a left-brain world. For some reason many marketers believe logic will move people (and sometimes it does). However, more often than not, we are driven by our emotions. Emotions are the pivot point for change, whether it’s moving shoppers to purchase or motivating employees in an organization. To create change, we need to focus on the desire – the right-brain emotions driving behavior. This right-brain approach is the key to how I work with clients and agencies. Let me elaborate …

As marketers we live in a world dominated by trends, generational insights (a.k.a. Millennials, Gen Z), and data overload. This results in an extremely complicated marketplace. The irony is the answer is not around us, rather it is inside us – a shopper DNA which silently influences our purchase journey. This is the premise behind Primal Shopper. Primal Shopper is a tool which not only deciphers the shopper DNA, but also inspires brainstorming to create breakthrough ideas. Primal Shopper is a crystallization my efforts to understand shopper behaviors in order to create more effective go to market strategies/plans.